Which Platform for scripture study ?

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Which Platform for scripture study ?

Postby joernborup » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:14 am

(Have reposted this in the Gospel LIbrary forum).

Hi Community - Hope this is the right place...

My Book of Mormon has fallen apart. So I have to get a new one, and all my notes will be gone. Guess that the feature of that technology (it could all so have been, stolen, lost, burned, misplaced...).

Guess it is time for a 'paradigm shift', and move my testimony to the 'cloud'. I have been playing around with the 'LDS Gospel Library', and can see it sync's with my android phone. looks fine (Would love to see the notes - maybe at the side, like hand written notes). And it looks like, it is possible to take a XML backup. This looks very nice - Some clever people that has been working.

Now, my old HTC Desire, has a to small screen to do real scripture study. So I need a new gadget - a Gospel gadget (wife can't say no, to that ;-). I have been looking at the Ipad (can all ready hear the apple chains rattle..), but recently there has also come a few good android tablets (Asus, samsung,..) - they seem to cost the same as the apple.

So the question is really, which 'Gospel Library' App/Platform (Android or Apple) is going to be the most feature rich, which is going to be first ???
It looks like, that today, the apple version has more features (ie. the notebook), but will this change ?.

Please share you comments.

Regards Jørn Borup

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