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Stake Leadership Calendar & Directory... any good software out there?

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:01 pm
by darthwader-p40
I am looking for some software that could be used to put together a stake leadership calendar & directory. Here are some of the features that I would like to have in the software:

* Ability to add recurring calendar events and remove individual recurring events.
* Flexibility in printing/formatting options (booklet format and smaller sizes for instance.)
* Windows XP+ or compatible.

I have used Calendar Creator Plus in the past - but the print sizing/formatting options seem to be lacking. (I may just need more training on this - or maybe newer versions have resolved this.)

We have also used MS Publisher to compile some of the directory portions... High Council assignments, auxilliary presidencies, etc. It would be nice if there was some nice publishing software to take care of these lists and the calendar items together.

Software like MS Outlook works great for adding the calendar items and having recurring events, etc. But the actual printing options seem to be lacking. I read that MS Outlook 2007 had some printing calendar updates... Does anyone have any experience with these?

What do you do in your stake/district? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Posted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:44 am
by russellhltn
darthwader wrote:What do you do in your stake/district?

Mostly we use the Local Unit Website (LUWS). The "internal" stuff just goes on the stake calender and isn't pushed down to the wards.

That only leaves the contact information that leaders share with each other but don't share with the general membership. (Work phone, Cell phone, etc.) I'm not sure how they handle that. Probably in Word or OpenOffice.

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:59 pm
by FltWilliam-p40
darthwader wrote:
What do you do in your stake/district? Any suggestions would be helpful.

We use Calendar Creator in our stake for our calendar. At the beginning of the year a stake calendar is generated and distributed to all ward clerks in the stake. It is then my job as ward clerk to go through the calendar and take all the stake junk off of it that doesn't apply to our ward. I get all the activities from our leadership and auxiliaries and I then generate our ward calendar. Once I'm done with that I give a copy of it to one of my assistants who enters it into the ward website. I agree with you that calendar creator isn't that great for sizing/formatting options. I haven't figured out a way to make it work like that either but there may be some trick that I don't know:o. I know the thing has some bugs because for no rhyme or reason it will mess up some of the repeating options I put into it.:eek: Oh well, it is the best thing we have found to use..........

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:00 pm
by FltWilliam-p40
FltWilliam wrote:it.:eek: Oh well, it is the best thing we have found to use..........

For our stake roster we use Microsoft Excel. Our stake clerk enters all of the stake information into it on multiple pages and the ward clerks provide him with the local unit information for it. Whenever there is a change in our ward I update our page or sheet as it is called in excel and I e-mail that page to the clerk. He then copies and pastes it into his copy of the stake roster. About once a quarter (if things are going smoothly :rolleyes:) he will e-mail all the ward clerks new stake rosters and we then distribute them to those in the ward that need them. I have tried 3 times to upload an attachment for an example of our roster into this message but IE freezes every time I do.:mad: If you would like an example copy e-mail me at and I'll send it to you. Don't worry I've deleted everything off of it and made it a blank format.:D