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Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:57 pm
by sbradshaw
Hi, I'm interested in seeing how people organize their sacrament meeting programs/bulletins – is anyone willing to upload a sample of their sacrament meeting program (make sure you replace sensitive info like contact information with fake data)?

– What "blocks" of content does your program include? (front cover, directory, calendar, class schedules, etc.)
– How is the content in your program organized?
– What features do you like best in your program? Do you see anything as being especially "innovative"?
– Has your program design worked well; or what are some ways you feel your program could be improved?

What is your philosophy of the purpose of sacrament meeting programs?

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:18 pm
by lmcguire
Attached is an example of our ward program. It's a half sheet of paper printed on both sides.

I never pick up the program (for this, I emailed the person who makes it and asked for an e-copy). The same thing happens in Sacrament meeting every week, only some of the people change. Knowing in advance who will speak, pray, and/or perform doesn't do anything for me (it's not like I can change them), and the hymns are listed on the wall...

On the other side, we have announcements (most, if not all, of that can be obtained in LDS Tools - if not all, it should be all), Gospel Doctrine Lesson Schedule (I determine this at the start of the year when I get the RS schedule (by request), and it's easily determined even without that), the contact information is in LDS Tools.

So, there's nothing on this paper that I need that I can't get elsewhere, without generating paper that's just going to go in the garbage.

The person who makes the program said the only change request she's ever gotten was to add a coloring page, or games for kids to play! (Fortunately, she decided that wasn't her job.)

Now to the more interesting part of your question... I think the general purpose of a bulletin is filled by the above items, and it's good for visitors, new people, and people who don't want to use the electronic tools (or who don't know they exist).

I would love to see an easy way for the specialist to post an electronic version that people like me could download on Sunday morning, if we wanted. Having it in LDS Tools (even just the current week's) would be cool, although I don't know why. Most information is already electronic, or knowing ahead of time doesn't really add value (though many seem to want it) and expires as soon as the meeting is under way...

I've seen programs which included a scripture or quote from a general authority (changed each week); I rather liked that.

I'm googling as I write, and here are some interesting things I'm seeing:
* Class room assignments - this would be especially helpful for visitors and new members (and really, isn't that mostly who needs the program anyway?)
* Missionary names and contact info (since the names, at least, can change so frequently, this seems like a good idea)
* Missionaries serving from our ward, with contact info (I like that too, makes it easy to send them letters, or whatever)
* Next week's hymns (families were encouraged to practice these with children during the week so children are more likely to sing in Sacrament - the commenter said this had worked with his family)

FYI, my googling indicates there are pages here discussing this subject, in case you want to look for those...

My own ideas:
* How about a monthly challenge / idea / suggestion related to ward goals (missionary work, indexing, reading lessons before Sunday classes, etc.); I can see reasons this would be good, and reasons it wouldn't.
* How about a suggested topic for pondering during the Sacrament (more a reminder to do some pondering)
* The more I ponder this, and it's been about 2 hours, the more I think an e-program would be better replaced by training on and use of the existing tools, and a paper program should be provided and designed for new members (new converts and new to the ward), visitors, and those who don't / can't use the electronic tools.



Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:10 am
by lmcguire
I should have gone to bed sooner, since all good ideas come _after_ you've given your answer. The following would get me to pick up the paper program:

* Our stake has a goal for each member to read all of the conference addresses before next conference. We could add a quote from conference to the program and invite members of the ward to submit conference quotes they like.

* There could be a brief "Gospel Living" type quote, and again, members could be invited to submit their idea (a brief explanation of something which helps them / their family live the gospel). I'm thinking of ideas like keeping a family gratitude basket (or personal gratitude journal); family "service tokens" game; having a family "missionary moment"; scripture study ideas, etc.

These would make the program sort of "interactive". I would recommend these be anonymous since the quote or idea is the thing that will benefit, not the recognition.

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:00 am
by shannon.heward
Here's a copy of the Microsoft Word template which I created and use in our ward. You need to have a good knowledge of tables in order to use as you will need to be able to manipulate. I do an offset fold so the Sacrament Meeting Bulletin text on the right side shows up on the outside of the program. It's just an extra touch that makes your program look a little better than the normal fold that everyone does. If it's a special program (Primary Program, Easter Program, Christmas Program), I change the text. Let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:49 am
by TinMan
Am I the only one that doesn't do a Sacrament meeting program?

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:53 am
by lajackson

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:31 pm
by jdlessley
We don't either.

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:50 pm
by sbradshaw
Thanks for your ideas! Here's the program template we used last semester in my YSA ward; we will be revamping it again this semester.

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:17 pm
by sbradshaw
I started a couple of weeks ago putting the topics of each talk, in addition to the speakers' names. I think it makes the program more classy and useful (see attached).

Re: Sacrament meeting program designs

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:36 pm
by lmcguire
I like it!