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Postby tortdog » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:26 am

dmaynes wrote:Having multiple administrator levels is an interesting thought but if the sole purpose is to provide an e-mail capability, a better solution might be a "REQUEST E-MAIL BROADCAST" function.

Yes. If we could do this already without forcing the introduction of a middle man, it would be wonderful. The function that we are looking for as stake leaders is that stake leaders of auxiliaries be authorized to use the e-mail broadcast function of w/o necessitating a third party to intervene, e.g., a Stake RS President could directly issue an e-mail broadcast via to those stake members who have chosen to be notified of RS news, a Stake YM President directly issuing an e-mail broadcast via to those stake members who have chosen to be notified of YM news.

Using the current system, our "workaround" is as follows (in the example of the Stake YM in our unit):

* Stake YM Presidency approves news item for YM
* Stake YM Presidency member requests via e-mail for Stake administrator (Stake Exec Sec) to send e-mail to all Stake members with YM news updates selected on
* Stake administrator acts on request w/o requiring individual approval from Stake Presidency

Thus the Stake Presidency is not burdened with approving each request, but we still have a middle man who has to do the work for the auxiliary, when this step should be cut out entirely to be more efficient. In essence, we are lucky to have a patient Stake Exec Sec to muddle with these routine tasks. But if he is out on business, a Stake Presidency member has to be notified to issue the e-mail broadcast.

I will suggest our Stake Presidency make the recommendations for changes to via the administrator function, as suggested.

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Postby FullmerCB » Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:05 pm

I've recorded these requests. Much is being done towards providing role/calling based rights to send messages to groups of members. Look for it later this year or in 2010 along with the new tools. Thanks - Chad Fullmer, product manager

tortdog wrote:While waiting for your response, my member of the stake presidency and I came up with the same conclusion as you: manually email the administrator and request the message to be sent. He pointed out issues that he had with this (but it's the only way so grin and bear it for now):

* He doesn't like the stake administrator always appearing as the author of the email. He would rather the author of the notice be listed as the author in the email, so that a reply to a message initiated by the Stake YM President go back to him and not back to the stake administrator

* He REALLY, REALLY wishes that you could assign different levels of administration to users, thus authorizing members of a stake YM presidency to do these emails themselves, but not have full administration (as apparently it's an all or nothing deal)

* It would be best if this could be handled from the inception via, as opposed to relying on e-mail requests to do something.

Any suggestions on whom we address these requests to? We WANT to use as much as possible, and some little changes would go a long way to making it more useful as a communication tool.

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