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Postby mattfarley » Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:25 pm

dkjorgi wrote:So having a graph that will show the line of where he should be at any stage and another line of his actual progress would show you this.
Or on your screenshot it shows each one as %-complete. That is good but 50% doesnt say much. Would it be possible to show two progress bars?

I've thought about this before, in regards to the horizontal "bars" -- however I think the same information can be derived from the "graphs" that are already present. In one of the screenshots above you see a graph showing their "term" in the quorum on the X axis, and a blue line indicating their progress towards 100% over time.

Applying your suggestion to the above, I could add another line depicting what the progress "should" be over time (in red):


But I almost wonder if it gets too cluttered -- it should be fairly clear how far on or off track you are without the red line.

dkjorgi wrote:Also a text on each individuals record saying “John has completed 10 goals out of 46. This is 4 goals more than expected at this stage. In order to complete on time John will need to complete one goal every 16 days.”

I like that idea, I'll add it to the growing backlog of features to add :)

.. suggestions on adding merit badge tracking ..
Having worked in Young Men's as the secretary in charge of tracking Scouting Advancement, having used the complex tracking capabilities of TroopMaster, I'll reiterate that I'm very hesitant to go down that road with YouthMaster.

It's like a snow ball at the very top of the mountain, once we start rolling towards advanced scout tracking, the scope grows far beyond what the system was built for. If you haven't seen what TroopMaster has to offer you probably don't understand, but the point I'm making is that the complexity of detailed Scout Advancement tracking is a can of worms that I'm not ready to open. There are a lot of features on the backlog for future versions that are of a higher priority:

* Faith in God Tracking (Primary's DTG/PP)
* Increased Granularity of DTG/PP (i.e. if a requirement is to do 4 FHE's, have a checkbox for each of the 4, instead of 1 for the entire requirement)
* Stake Reports
* Private/Public Blogging
* Internationalization (includes the technical work to support international characters, tokenizing the site's language, and getting volunteers to help translate)

The above functionality is probably another 8-12 months away ...and then.... maybe I could look into more detailed Scout tracking/advancement (merit badges, etc).

Until then, you already have basic capability to track merit badges by listing them out in the [Comments] section of the checkoff form:


.. Church's stance on sites like these ..
As someone already mentioned, the major no-no is importing data which has been exported from MLS -- nothing in YouthMaster is built to interface with any MLS exports.

jdlessley wrote:The concern within the community is the security of the site, or the lack thereof, and therefore any of the data users provide. Without adequate security the privacy of the data on the site is in jeopardy of being compromised.

I'm assuming you're referring to the lack of SSL, which is in my eyes a major gap I've been wanting to address. The problem right now is the cost of certificates. The way the hosting provider works is that each subdomain, i.e.

would require me to purchase a separate certificate for each of them. I obviously can't afford to pay for that, so I'm looking into cheaper options such as refactoring the site to work as:

In either case it's going to require more time and money. Perhaps I should post a warning on the login page that people should not login to YouthMaster from a public network (work/school/cafe's) due to the fact that traffic is sent in clear text.

Unfortunately, SSL won't help against keyloggers, which I believe are an even greater risk due to the presence of keyloggers in modern malware/adware. I've seen a number of cases of friend's / relative's PC's who were infected with something that was FTP'ing a complete key-for-key log on a weekly basis to a predefined server -- scary stuff.

jdlessley wrote:Since the site discussed in this thread deals with youth, and data related to youth, greater care should be taken when releasing data to this site.

Completely agree. I've been advising wards who express security concerns to limit their user profiles to nearly-anonymous data:

First name: Jacob
Last name: F.
Birthday: 11/14/1997
Phone: <blank>
Address: <blank>
Email: <blank>

All you need is first name, last initial, and birthday to take advantage of the tracking capabilities. If the data is comprised, all that is lost is an almost useless list of first names and birthdays.

I really appreciate everyone's feedback and comments. It's discussions like these that have shaped YouthMaster from v1 -> v2 -> v3 and will do so for future iterations. I won't give up on merit badge tracking, it just may be a year or two away :)

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Postby fletch1027 » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:38 am

PNMarkW2 wrote:I've not looked close, so forgive me for asking a question that may seem completely obvious...

Has YouthMaster taken into account how many of the Duty to God requirements are tied to Scout requirements? For example, the there are approximately 60 Deacon Duty to God requirements in the current program, fully 2/3 of those go hand-in hand with a Scouting activity or merit badge. Take Family Activities #4, keep a family history, which is also part of the Genealogy Merit Badge.

If your Ward is doing Scouting, you're already doing much of the Duty to God program, and it would be nice to see the overlap. To many think of them as separate programs when they aren't.

Is there anywhere that has a simple list of the Duty to God / Scout "overlap" requirements?

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Postby PNMarkW2 » Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:45 pm

fletch wrote:Is there anywhere that has a simple list of the Duty to God / Scout "overlap" requirements?

I don't know of a specific list, but where I learned of the overlap was hanging out of the LDS Scouter Yahoo group. There they talked about a resource found at, which is a basic poster that lists the Duty to God requirements with the Scouting requirement. It's mostly cases of point out that while you're doing DtG, you could also be doing Scouting, and if you're doing the Scouting, you would be doing your DtG.

As another example, DtG requirement "Hike 10 kilometers or 6 miles in 1 day". Clearly you could also be doing your hiking merit badge at the same time, and if you did you're hiking merit badge you would have done the DtG requirement. It's not always a perfect fit, but it comes close.

You can see/print/download PDF copies of the posters at that site so you can see the potential overlap.
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Postby paternes-p40 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:57 am

Wow that is very nice software!!!!

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