Passwords on Unit PC's

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Postby aebrown » Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:19 am

tom.cr8on wrote:But in addition, I create a "Stake Clerk" account, also with Windows Administrator privilege

This is sound advice. It's interesting to note that there are three documents on that describe how to set up a computer. One is for a new Dell 740, one for a Dell 740 already in service, and one for a "nonstandard" computer. Of these, the latter two contain the following instruction to the stake technology specialist after he has set up the "clerk" account:

Create a separate Windows administrator account for yourself.
I'm not sure why this step was left off the the new Dell 740 instructions (upon which the wiki article is based), but I also always do that step in any case, for all the good reasons tom.cr8on mentioned.
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Postby kisaac » Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:05 pm

Alan_Brown wrote:The instructions (see Dell 740 installation instructions on the wiki) are very clear: You set up one administrator-level account called "clerk". Everyone who uses MLS uses that account.

In my stake, everyone follows the rules and all the PCs use a Windows password...

The same goes for us.

RussellHltn wrote:The first line of protection is the physical security of the office. Some wards get lax about that.

And we always blame the basketball crowd! ;)

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Postby slmsz20 » Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:39 pm

Some things we have done to alleviate some of the headaches of multiple users of the unit computer is lock a bunch of the settings that are accessible. You can setup policies or registry entries to lock down most things in Windows. Since the MLS account (Clerk account) is admin those changes could be undone, but most people would have to have a greater knowledge of how the operating system to work to actually do anything.

Two easy items you can do is lock the password and make sure the screen saver is password protected. I am always lecturing Bishops and clerks about securing the office, but sometimes that is left on deaf ears, so you do what you can.

On secondary Windows accounts, I'd only create them (aside from a Stake administrator account) if you have users that won't need MLS, it's just too much of a headache to try dealing with MLS in a non admin account.

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