Home teaching statistics on how/why?

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Re: Home teaching statistics on how/why?

Postby ToddBallantyne » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:59 pm

The concept of return and report seems to be an effective motivational practice. Here are two examples.

1) The HP group leader in my ward, who's quorum achieves high 90's or 100% HT regularly, implemented the same approach as a young EQ pres decades ago that he uses now. That practice is to interview everyone quarterly about home teaching. He does that by having each district (3 in this case) interviewed on 1 set Sunday a month. All of quorum leadership meets with each companionship from the designated district (the objective but both don't always show up together). This improved constistanly low percentages around 30% to around 90%.

2) Another friend was involved with the concept this way. Each fast Sunday all the home teachers were asked to stay after church for a quick HT report on the families (no more than 5 minutes and easily much less time). This was accomplished with 1 member of the EQ leadership per HT report so 3 or 4 HT reports/interviews were occurring simultaneously. Once again the low percentages turned into high percentages.

So different methods can work to improve home teachers actually getting out. Effective returning and reporting seems to be key. The second example provides the additional benefit of getting stats back early in the month for unit reporting w/o hounding those that need to get the stats into performing.

As always, the Lords concern is with each one of us whom he loves and care about. The stats just help leadership see if we are tending the flock or leaving the gate open for wolves so to speak. Stats are a tool. Service opens the windows of heaven for blessings as each representative of the Lord (HT) enters a home, ministers, fellowships and leaves with a prayer (optimal but just going opens windows for blessing). That blessing is the same as if the Lord Himself were visiting. The family gets blessed. The home teacher gets blessed. He becomes a better priesthood holder and in so doing becomes a blessing in his own family. Lots of blessings if we just get about doing. "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." D&C 82:10

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