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Help with Translation equipment

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:16 am
by jviola
I'm having a difficult time hooking up our translation equipment. I'm trying to use the translation equipment to capture the microphone sound for our sacrament broadcast. Here is what I have tried.

I turned on the transmitter. It was set at 75.3. I plugged in one of the headsets into a receiver and turned it on. The red light flashed for a little bit and then turned solid. I tapped and talked into the pulpit microphone, but I couldn't hear anything in the headset. I push the button on the receiver and the red light flashed and then I hear a loud squealing noise. I pushed the button again and hear a lot of static. I pushed it again and I believe it returned to the original frequency, but I could hear anything from the pulpit microphone. I went into the sound room. I believe I found the FM Transmitter in the sound cabinet. It was displaying an "A". So I looked in the manual and it said an "A" frequency should be set to 72.1. So I changed the portable transmitter to 72.1. I did the same test as before, but I still can't hear anything from the receivers.

I also plugged in a headset with a microphone into the portable transmitter's microphone's port, but I still couldn't hear anything in the receiver's headset. I tried several receivers, but no luck.

I'm hoping to get that to work. If that doesn't work, what is the best way to get the pulpit microphone sound connected to a laptop for our broadcast?

Re: Help with Translation equipment

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:40 am
by russellhltn
72.1 sounds right, but it might be 72.02. Whatever the first channel of the 72 series is.

Note, that you have to turn off the portable transmitter if you expect to receive the signal from the sound system.

Unless the Assistive Listening system has been in use, it's entirely possible it's failed and you've only now found out.

The simplest method to connect the audio is to use the Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter with a 25' 3.5mm cable to connect to the "Record Out" that's in most chapels. Check yours before ordering.

Re: Help with Translation equipment

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:42 pm
by jviola
Are you telling me I don't need the little portable transmitter with the antenna on it? The receivers will pick up the transmission from the building? What is that little unit for then? I had that plugged in the whole time. So if I unplug that box, I should be able to pick up audio from the receivers? Also, we don't have a Recorder out. We have an old building. Where the clerk sets we have a little box with a port that plugs into a tape cassette that was used for recording. Well, I was told that it doesn't work anymore. Our sound closet is in the chapel. Can I plug directly into the equipment there and run to a laptop?


Re: Help with Translation equipment

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 2:33 pm
by russellhltn
We're confusing two different systems here. The Assistive Listening system has a transmitter built into the sound rack (the FM Transmitter you found). It's already connected. It's intended for use by members who find it difficult to hear.

The translation system consists of a small portable transmitter with a plug-in microphone for the person doing the translation. Members who need the translation have a different set of receivers that are tuned to that transmitter.

While the receivers for the two systems are different, they both use the same radio service (set of channels) and can tune into each other's transmissions.

In your situation, the translation transmitter is useless unless you connect a microphone to it and place it at the podium, or somehow connect it to the house system. You absolutely can't have two transmitters on the same frequency and expect things to work.

Still, you have the complexities of trying to connect the receiver to your computer, which may or may not work. There are a number of "if"s "and"s and "but"s involved.

jviola wrote:Where the clerk sets we have a little box with a port that plugs into a tape cassette that was used for recording.

Sounds like you have a "record out" jack - the jack that connected to the tape recorder. I'd investigate that. The jack (where it goes into the wall) may still work even if the tape recorder doesn't.