How to use GLW to prepare a Lesson or Talk

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How to use GLW to prepare a Lesson or Talk

Postby ByerJE » Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:10 am

People have asked how to prepare a Lesson or a Talk using the Gospel Library for Windows 8. Here are a couple suggestions that you could do right now in the Beta, more you can do in Beta 2, and other Talk and Lesson helps that will be available in future releases.

Beta version:
- While studying a topic, you may navigate to several places using the Library pane. Open the History pane to show the recent places you have visited. This is very handy for switching between manuals, talks, scriptures, topical guide, bible dictionary, etc.
- The Search pane allows you to find scriptures, talks, hymns, etc. related to the talk or lesson topic you are studying.
- Select some text and Right Click to copy a quote or scripture and then paste it into Word or OneNote as you prepare your outline.
- You can show videos and images, then turn your device toward the class you are teaching to experience it together, or hook it to a bigger display or a projector.
- In the Options pane, turn on Preview Features which gives you the ability to create a Bookmark. You can create a Bookmark for each quote or scripture in your talk or lesson so you can quickly jump to that content.
- Also available with Preview Features turned on, you can highlight or underline the quote or scripture to be used during the lesson or talk.

Beta 2 update:
- Copying and pasting text to Word or OneNote provides not only the content, but also a link to the scripture, talk, page, manual, magazine, image, or video within the Gospel Library. You can show split view in Windows 8 to see your outline (in Word, OneNote, Notepad, etc.) on one side and the content in Gospel Library on the other.
- Shortcuts to specific locations of content can be pinned to the Windows Start Screen.
- Everything will work in all languages, not just English.

- Multiple "Screens" or "Tabs" will show links to various quotes or scriptures to be able to jump quickly to content.
- Notebooks will contain Bookmarks, Highlights, Notes, Tags, and Journal entries to group annotations for a lesson, a talk, or a related topic.
- Printing text (with highlights or underlining) and images.
- Create a Cross Reference link from one scripture or quote to another location of related content.

If there are any other things you have found useful, feel free to add your tips and tricks to this Forum post.

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Re: How to use GLW to prepare a Lesson or Talk

Postby ByerJE » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:53 pm

UPDATE: All of the features listed in the "Beta version" and "Beta 2 update" sections are in the Released version in the Windows store for "Gospel Library for Windows 8.1" and the Beta version of "Gospel Library for Windows Phone 8.1". The Future features are still to be released in the future.

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