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Postby john84601 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:47 pm

RussellHltn wrote:Can you see why the FM Group isn't likely to hand out keys to the rack?

Sure... but in my buildings the Audio and the Satellite Receiver cabinets are completely locked. There is no access to anything. I couldn't even tell you if all the right "lights" were on. All I can do is sit and look at the outside of the cabinet.

In our building the receiver runs 24/7, which means there is nothing really to do... and little chance of a configuration issue.

At the same time, by leaving the receiver on all the time... we're cutting the lifespan of that piece of equipment. Consequently we're more likely to have a hardware failure in the long run.

My loose interpretation of what it means to be the STS is... if I'm not qualified to fix it... then I'm the guy that calls the support desk and tells them what I see (lights, smells, loose connections, etc.). Or am I to belief that if there is ever a problem... SLC just dispatches a tech with a complete set of spare parts? If that's the case... why are A/V systems listed as one our responsibilities?

Really... I'm just trying to understand what it means to support this equipment. Seems hard to do anything if your 100% locked out.... doesn't it?

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