LDS Tech Generated Journals

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LDS Tech Generated Journals

Postby davidreedfellows » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:28 pm

I have a wonderful idea:

LDS Tech should develop church sponsored mobile journal.

As members, we are commanded to keep journals about our daily lives and our activities in our Church callings. The church could sponsor a journalling effort which could be integrated with its membership data collection.

The Mobile journal should include the following:
1. Sections for Callings reporting and activity.
2. Sections for members to report and discuss specific church activity like Primary, Sunday School, Relief Society, Priesthood & Sacrament Meetings.
3. Sections to record church ordinances and priesthood advancements.
4. A daily journal section
5. A Family and the temple section

All divisions should integrate the following mobile phone tools:
A. Instant Photo taking and photo insertion
B. Instant Voice recording and insertion
C. Instant Video Recording and insertion
D. Instant GPS and Mapping capabilities
E. audio and Music integration capabilities

The following is an example of how a member could use the app:

A father of 3 and Elders Quorum President would
Record baby's blessings, fathers blessings, take pictures of related events. Record my sons mission activities. I would have recorded info relative to leading my elders quorum. I would record experiences in my sunday school class and reviewed points from the lesson. I would take pictures of elders in my quorum. Take pictures of family home evenings. Covert progress of children in school and church, lost all family ordinances and dates and those who performed them etc. I could use GPS to title and record my photographs. I could show maps of places I've been on family and ward outings. I could include music from tabernacle choir to listen to as I look at photos. I could make a voice recording of my child's first words. I could make a video of an elders quorum service project. I could record my daily thoughts feelings and activities. I could include my testimony, reports tithing settlement. etc etc.

The possibilities are endless.

I believe this would help individuals and families keep the commandment to keep journals and also to leave info for later generations.

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Re: LDS Tech Generated Journals

Postby davidreedfellows » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:38 pm

A great example of this type of app (except it would oriented toward church use) would be the iPhone app called:

NoteLedge for iPhone

Please download the free app from the App Store and review its capabilities while keeping in mind potential use as a church related journal.

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