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LDS Employment Website

Postby lvpedersen » Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:40 pm

Question: Since the LDS Employmentdatabase is going through a redesign, is it designed to facilitate social networking and does the database embrace the utilization of Social Media activities?

Background: For several months, I have been reading, listening and asking questions to recruiters, companies, and research organizations about Social Media & Web 2.0 tools in the recruiting, screening & hiring process. From my limited observations, the dramatic trend of people and organizations using social media in the hiring process is not a passing fad. Current research fromForrester Research iscatapulting this topic into the lap of CEO's in every industry across the world. The trend is so dramatic that Forrester published all of its current research and trends into a single book called [color=#606818]Groundswell.[/color]
[INDENT]The groundswell is:A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.
[/INDENT]In working with people at LDS Employment, we categorically state that "networking" (people talking with other people) is the most effective way to find work. Additionally, according to the [color=#606818]US Department of Labor on average, people are changing jobs every 2 years, companies every 3 years, and industries every 4 years.[/color]
1) Members will be changing jobs at an accelerated rate
2) Networking is the most effective job search method
3) Social Media is revolutionizing the way companies find, recruit, screen & hire people (digital networking)
ERS should be actively adopting, using and comfortable with social networking and web 2.0 tools

What are your thoughts, suggestions & ideas?

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Postby pma66p-p40 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:14 pm

We had some discussion about this in our welfare committee meeting in our ward today. We have an acute need right now in the NYC area, as you might imagine. We need a craig's list-type site to which members can post their employment wants and needs. It should be as easy to use as facebook and have facebook-like social networking tools. Perhaps it should even be a facebook app. It should give bishops and ward employment specialists the ability to manage the process somewhat and should be region-centric whiout imposing limits on one's job search. Perhaps it should be a tool that non-members are also invited to participate in, as long as they agree to follow certain standards.

Development should be based on open-source tools and allow volunteers to do the bulk of the work.

Phil Allred
New Rochelle II Ward

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