Scripture Mastery Prototype

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Scripture Mastery Prototype

Postby jessestay » Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:06 pm

Hi guys - I'm the Social Media Architect for the Church. I get to develop really cool solutions that integrate social networking technologies and ideas into Church websites and technology. We've set up a Social Prototypes project for this very reason, where we're trying to get help to just come up with cool ideas for social ways to build and integrate Social technology into the Church, and hopefully build these, in which I can then present to the appropriate groups and maybe get them integrated into the Church's site and technology. It's my responsibility to guide and lead you so we build stuff that is very likely to be included.

I have one idea I've been throwing around that I think would be a lot of fun. I'd like to build a Scripture Mastery app for Facebook that enables students to compete against each other, time their memorization, and more. I've set up a a wiki page to start throwing around ideas here: ... cebook_App

Would you please take a look over this and just add to it if you have any ideas? Feel free to watch the page if you want to track updates. Also, if you're willing to volunteer for the project, please throw your name under the "volunteers" section. I'm sure we'll need programmers, graphic designers, technical writers, project managers, or whatever other experience you might have so feel free to volunteer if you think you can help in any way (and state how you'd like to help next to your name).

I think this will be a fun project - I'll do it myself if no one else helps, but I'd love to get everyone pitching in so it's more likely to materialize (my time's pretty limited organizing lots of other stuff like this).

Thanks for your help!


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Postby dannykos » Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:00 am

how about an app that replaces the need for members to cram into the foyer after church and cause total gridlock chatting, while parents with young children try and battle their way through with the buggy et al… :)

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