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An Assortment of Ideas...

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:34 pm
by jmine83
Gospel Library (iPhone & iPad)

I would like to see a special scripture search feature that simply allows the user to type in the book, chapter, and verse that will then instantly go to that location. For example, typing in "Alma 32:21" will instantly go to that verse. What might work better for this particular kind of search, is separating these three fields with a text box for each. So that, as you type "Alma" character-by-character for example, typing the "A" will show all books in the scriptures that start with A, then when you type in "Al" the potential book list will instantly be narrowed down to books that start with "Al" and so forth as you are typing the letters. Then for the chapter and verse fields, simply allow the user to type on the phone keypad, seeing that only numbers are needed and valid. I'm sure what I am describing makes conceptual sense, however, I must admit I wouldn't necessarily want to see three separate search fields. If this special direct scripture search function could simply take one search field, and naturally be integrated into the searching search box somehow, that would be ideal.

Implementing this search suggestion would be great as a start. The greatest solution, however, would be to allow for verbal speech input so that a person could say "Alma ... Chapter 32 ... Verse 21" and then instantly get to the scripture location.

LDS Music (iPhone & iPad)

Having a dedicated LDS music app would be great. This app would allow users to directly download the Hymn MP3 files from the church music website and control their own library of hymns; i.e. being able to add and remove hymn MP3 files freely. Users would first have a central home location that allows them to navigate around the hymns content. I think using the existing Gospel Library app interface and architecture is perfect for something like this, except dedicated to church music. So for example, this app would include similar Search, Bookmarks, Tabs, Manage Library, Support, etc. features as Gospel Library, except modified for just church music.

The body of church music would first be separated into different sections as follows: Hymns, Children's Songbook, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, etc. Selecting one of these sections would then display a list of the available content to download to your personal library. Once a specific hymn, for example, is selected, the music with vocals automatically will start playing and display the standard set of music player controls. Additionally, there should be an option to create playlists, as well as being able to instantly switch between the two different versions of the hymn; i.e. "music with vocals" and "instrumental only" while the music is playing or not. This app should be able to run in the background so that users can navigate around to other apps on their phone and still hear the music.

There could also be a feature that allows users to see the lyrics while listening to the music. As the music is being played, the lyrics text would be highlighted in sync with the music being played. So that, word-by-word as the music is being sung, that appropriate word would be highlighted then move on to the next word in tune with the music and so forth.

FamilySearch (iPhone & iPad)

This would be an official app for the FamilySearch site. Should be self-explanatory for the most part in terms of offering all the same features and functions as the main website. I personally was thinking in terms of how great it would be to have your family tree information instantly available and saved on a user's smartphone or tablet.