Audio/Video Distribution Hubs (AVDH)

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Re: Audio/Video Distribution Hubs (AVDH)

Postby jbtork » Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:34 am

Mikerowaved wrote:
aclawson wrote:Does anybody know offhand where I can find a manual (I/O connections in particular) of the typical meetinghouse modulator for the satellite systems?

The Satellite Training Videos cover the typical satellite cabinet wiring pretty well and even show a couple of common variations from the recommended way.

And since the topic of this thread is AVDH, I just noticed they added a 4th video to the series which describes how an AVDH-1 or AVDH-2 would be integrated into an existing cabinet.

At the top of the page with the satellite videos on it, there is a download link at the top of the page that contains wiring diagrams for "typical" installations that may help you with the actual connections. Look for the downloads that have "wiring diagram" in the title.
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