Audio Levels - consistency issue

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Audio Levels - consistency issue

Postby kreeve » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:28 pm


I have noticed the following audio in-consistency issues for the last three broadcasts we have received.

1. Worldwide Devotional
2. General Priesthood Session
3. Regional Conference (Northern Utah)

The audio levels of the pre-program (Tabernacle Choir usually) in 1 and 3 were not even close to be able to anticipate what the live program audio level will be.

In all three cases the pre-program has been louder than the live content. Priesthood session was better, but still off.

I have had to turn my sat receiver audio level (CISCO) to ~ 80%
Chapel sat audio control to 100% just to get enough volume.

Pre - program audio was fine with Chapel Sat audio at ~75%.

The pre-program of the choir is plenty loud , it is when the person conducting stands up and the program starts that I have to go to the rostrum and crank the audio and keep it that way for the entire program.

Perhaps the broadcast audio engineers can help us out by working towards a more consistent level between pre and live events.


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