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Regional satellite broadcst

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 5:16 pm
by jirp
We are doing 3 sessions of the regional training broadcast today receiving it via satellite.(Big dish) The first session came in fine. The time for the second session came and it was still showing BYU tv filler. Turns out for those of use with big satellite dishes we were supposed to have gotten a message telling us to change to channel 501 from 101 on the cisco satellite receiver. So we missed about 4 or 5 minutes waiting for it to change and about 20 calling church headquarters and getting help fixing it. From what I learned on the phone apparently 501 is the American sign language channel normally. But apparently they use it some of the time for regional broadcasts to leave the main channel clear for other things. This apparently only applies to building Using the large satellite dishes because that was one of the things the tech was very specific about. Hope this helps someone.