Dish Removal and streaming device question

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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby russellhltn » Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:33 am

Biggles wrote:1. Where has the official information about satellite receivers being withdrawn been published?

In a email to STS and stake presidents.

Biggles wrote:2. Or is it on a country by country basis?

The trigger for this is the reallocation of C-band satellite frequencies for 5G cell service in the US and some of the bargaining that goes along with that. Depending on what band you're on and how your country handles finding frequencies for 5G, this may completely miss countries outside of North America for the foreseeable future.
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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby Mikerowaved » Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:22 am

Biggles wrote:2. Or is it on a country by country basis?

More of a continent kind of thing, at least for now. Here's a quote from the email explaining why it's being done:
Finally, the satellite spectrum used by the Church in North America has been reallocated. Therefore, the Church needs to either reinvest in the satellite network or begin to decommission it.
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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby Biggles » Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:36 am

Thank you both for your answers. They have helped me understand what may be happening, over here, in the near future.
Interestingly I've just received a survey request, from our Area office, as to what technology we've been using during lockdown. May have nothing to do with satellite receivers, but who knows!

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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby bphilli7 » Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:58 am

russellhltn wrote:
bphilli7 wrote:I guess this means the different modulators in our a/v rack are now unnecessary...

The operative word being "different". I'm hard pressed to think of a use for multiple modulators. But I'd want at least one, and perhaps a spare for transmitting stake conference to the different rooms.

That’s true.

My rack has three SD modulators from the church, with the ability to modulate English Satellite feed, Spanish satellite feed, and local camera input for stake conferences.

Last year we purchased an ATSC HD modulator since all the overflow rooms use TVs less than 15 years old and have that built in.

I suppose I’ll keep the HD modulator and remove the other three, in time.

But this begs the question: the email suggests that a “streaming device” is a roku, fire tv, laptop, etc. I would be interested to know what the new North American building standards will be without the satellite equipment and then adopt that.

One challenge I see with using one streaming device in the library and modulating is that viewers in the remote room will lose the ability to remote control it with the included remote. The upside to this is you’ll have multiple rooms synced up in the broadcast and the required bandwidth will be one streams worth.

Having multiple rooms with multiple stream devices means multiple streams of required bandwidth but they’ll also have the ability to easily use their remote to control the streaming device.

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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby lajackson » Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:45 am

stephendoud wrote:So the streaming device is a web stream receiver, not a streaming web-caster.

Correct. The purpose of the device is to receive the webcast when the satellite system is no longer available.

In our stake, we have always used personal laptops as a backup to satellite broadcasts. If the satellite went down, the laptop was used. In some other stakes, they purchased a streaming device so that they would not need to rely on member laptops.

Since the satellite system is being taken away, we now will need a method to receive webcasts and do not wish to rely on the generosity of members with laptops every time. It was one thing to use donated machines as a backup, but quite another to expect to use them every time.

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Re: Dish Removal and streaming device question

Postby bartj » Mon Nov 16, 2020 12:23 pm

Several quick points of clarification. Most of these have been resolved but want to make sure....

- The removal of satellite message sent out last week is for US and Canada only right now.
- Many already stream broadcasts in their buildings using laptops, Roku, AppleTV, Android TV, etc. They can continue using these devices.
- The device that will likely be provided for those that need one is an Android device. Something like a Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, or Google Chromebox. Only request the number of units needed based on the stakes broadcast plans moving forward. For example, in my stake we don't open the stake center for broadcasts like general conference. Our stake simply encourages members to just watch from home. I am not saying this is what stakes should do, that is up to the stake president, but we will not be requesting a streaming device because we won't need one.
- The existing distribution system can be used. However, most systems are still analog so your video quality will be improved if you are able to bypass that system and connect directly to a projector/monitor.
NOTE - you will need the distribution system for local events like stake conference if you send the signal to alternative rooms.
- The streaming device referenced here is a receive device and not a transmit. So, the Teradek or other encoder used for sending a stake/ward originated broadcast (webcast) will still be required.


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