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English to Spanish Bilingual dictionary

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:58 pm
by brett.g.morrison.ppm
Hello fellow forum users,

I attend a Spanish-speaking unit in the US. In just about all of them, there is someone (a spouse, a visitor, etc.) who needs interpretation, usually Spanish to English. When stake conference rolls around, the language usually switches and we go English to Spanish. However, I have found that many capable bilingual people are familiar with gospel terminology in just one language. Seeing that the Church really hasn't put out a bilingual dictionary for "Mormon speak" (they have them, of course, but for whatever reason they keep a tight leash on it), I have spent a few years putting together this bilingual spreadsheet (see link below). The purpose for it was originally to help interpreters in training who needed a little touching up on gospel terms. We even would have a person sit next to the interpreter and if they had a tough word, we would have the one search the term very quickly so as to not get hung up on something like "apostolado" or "make your calling and election sure." It didn't always work when we used that way, but at the very least, it makes for a great study tool in preperation for a talk. So I thought I would share this and make it useful to other interpreters or anyone who is a student of gospel terminology in English and Spanish. ... sp=sharing

You'll see that it has a long ways to go (it only has a little over 2,500 terms), some of the entries are a little inconsistent in the way I entered the information, there's a few duplicates, and others are incomplete. If you have suggestions or would like to add to it, please let me know! I'm slowing refining it, but it will take probably a few more years before I get it where I want it. Happy Sabbath to everyone!

Re: English to Spanish Bilingual dictionary

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:18 pm
by sbradshaw
That's quite a comprehensive list! Have you considered dividing it out into separate tabs?
This MTC book might also be useful for lists of church vocabulary: ... -paperback