Unable to highlight sub-paragraphs in Sunday School Manual

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Unable to highlight sub-paragraphs in Sunday School Manual

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I am unable to highlight in the Sunday School manual in anything except the primary paragraphs. Anything with a bullet in front of it does not allow for highlighting Any suggestions?
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Re: Unable to highlight sub-paragraphs in Sunday School Manual

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There are some parts of content which cannot currently be highlighted. This includes headings, lists (numbered or bulleted), and at least some quotes which are offset or indented from the normal text (e.g. like song lyrics or poems often appear in the midst of other printed text). This is a known issue and they are working to fix it, but there's a LOT of work to be done (according to reports on these forums - I'm just another user on these forums, but this problem has been reported and answered many times).

Other than waiting (and praying on behalf of those involved in the project), the only options I can think of are:
1. Paper (or PDF)
2. Highlight something nearby and make a note about the bullet of interest
3. In the Gospel Library app, you could hack the database to enable highlighting, but this will be lost the next time you update content (and it's only viable if you're used to reverse-engineering database designs and then hacking the database - IMO, it's not worth it)
4. If the lesson manual is quoting another source, and that source is on the website, highlight the source rather than the quote (you can put highlights in a notebook, which might facilitate use in a class or talk)


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