Disabling Study Mode

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Disabling Study Mode

Postby PamelaBonta » Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:41 am

Can I disable the Study Tools bar?

There is no way currently to permanently disable the study tools. There are two ways around this.

1. If you don't need to sign in to LDS.org, don't. When you go to any study enabled web pages, the black bar will be at the bottom of the page, but it won't be active.


If you do need to sign in, unclick the box next to the word Study Mode in the black bar. You will still be signed in, but the study tools will not work.

2. After doing one of the above, look to the far left of the black bar. Click on the faint double arrow. This will hide the study bar. To show it again, simply click the double arrow.

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