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How do I hide the toolbar?

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:16 pm
by chrisbaird
How do I hide the cyan-colored toolbar at the bottom when I am reading scriptures on The toolbar is very bright and distracting, clashes with the coloring and style of the rest of the page, and I never use it.

Re: How do I hide the toolbar?

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:32 am
by mevans
Right now they are changing so many things, it's hard to say. I've seen the cyan toolbar on a few occasions, but it rarely works for me. Since you're not using the study tools, if you're signed in you could try signing. If you're signed out and see it, try signing in. Things are changing, so if you find a solution, it may not be a permanent solution.

Also, if you find the new color distracting, I suggest you use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of most pages to report that. I've seen the new cyan toolbar so infrequently that I don't have an opinion on it yet.