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Post by Kyrandita »

not a solution, but I find making a PDF of the ward directory (available on the site) works great on a mobile device, not the BEST option since you have to manually update it every once in a while (not to mention the pdfs aren't formatted for smaller screens... maybe until the rewritten code comes they could add another PDF sizing option?), but at least it works... Though I'm not sure which of all the portable devices have pdf readers on them... most of the ones I've had or used do... but I can't speak for all...
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I have a BB8330 and run Opera Mini. I have not had any problems with the LUWS. I just checked out the site on my BB and had no problems with any part of the site. I'm also a site admin and had no problems getting into the admin side or updating the site. I would like to see the church work on the the problem of access from the BB line but as for now the Opera Mini is working for me.:D
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Yep, Opera Mini Works!

Post by Aerick »

I just downloaded Opera Mini for my BB 8900 and it works like a charm, I'm now able to access the membership directory information!!

In some ways this browser is a little less "friendly" than the standard browser(s) that come with the BB, but as long as I can access the contact info, I'm happy.

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