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New stake - MLS Edit Temple Recommend options disappeared

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:52 pm
by pminet
I am trying to set up new computer for new stake.
I have discovered that there should be an edit / view recommends option.
But this does not exist in my system options section of MLS when logged in as administrator or as the stake president.

Any ideas?

I am using MLS version 3.5.1_21141 downloaded from (

I followed these steps (
MLS permissions

At the stake level, the stake president grants rights to activate temple recommends only to those members he chooses. Usually these are members of the stake presidency, the stake clerk, and the stake executive secretary. An assistant stake clerk could be authorized if needed. To grant these rights, do the following:

Log in to MLS as an administrator.
Select System Options.
Click on the user name of a member authorized by the stake president to edit or view recommend information.
Click either Edit Recommends or View Recommends. A member with editing rights also receives viewing rights automatically.
Click Save.
If necessary, repeat steps 3 through 5 for other users to be granted temple recommend rights. The administrator doing this should also grant editing rights to himself.
Log out of MLS and log in again.
On the Membership Records menu, click More. The Temple Recommends menu should now have the following options:
Activate Recommends
Activation Report
View/Edit Recommends
Endowed without Recommend
Adult Members Not Endowed
At the ward level, the process is almost the same, except the only right that can be given at the ward level is View Recommends. On the ward Temple Recommends menu there should be the following options:

Activation Report
View Recommends
Endowed without Recommend
Recommend Books
Adult Members Not Endowed
Note: Unlike all other permissions, the temple recommend permissions are not automatically granted to users with administrative privileges. As with all other users, administrators must be granted explicit rights to view or edit temple recommends before those portions of MLS dealing with temple recommends are accessible.