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MLS 3.5.1 clock is different from the desktop

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:47 pm
by hua_kin
It started when we have the 3.5 version of mMLS. in will intermittently will not allow us to send/received.
Until the 3.5.1 upgrade it still having same issues. This is the stake computer that is having a a problem. Please assist. Thanks.

Re: MLS 3.5.1 clock is different from the desktop

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:05 pm
by dnslynn
I'm not sure what your symptoms are, but I have noticed something similar. It appears that when MLS starts, it reads the clock and then tracks the time it has been active. If its estimate of the current time varies by more than 30 minutes from the system time, it will lock you out of the financial functions. I have noticed, that this can happen when the system goes into a power save state (after a period of inactivity). If the inactive period lasts more than 30 minutes, then, once the system resumes I will be locked out of the financial functions. Whatever MLS is using to determine elapsed time must shutdown when the system goes into power save.

Re: MLS 3.5.1 clock is different from the desktop

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:52 am
by jdlessley
dnslynn, I think your problem is different from the OP. The OP's problem is preventing a send/receive. I would venture a guess that you can do a send/receive after being locked out of the finance sections. In fact that is how you can correct the finance lockout problem - do a send/receive to synchronize with CUBS.

If your theory was correct then a lot more units would be reporting that MLS is locking them out of finances just because MLS was left on and the system went into standby for more than 30 minutes or some other predetermined period of time. Our unit MLS has been left on with a user logged on for the entire three-block meeting time with no adverse affects. I needed to counsel an individual about not logging out of MLS and leaving it unattended but there was certainly no limitations to accessing the finance sections of MLS after the system was in standby for nearly three hours. We routinely leave MLS on, but logged out, and the system goes into standby during the Sunday meetings and we have had no issues from that either.

I am thinking that there may be something you have not stated that may contribute to being locked out of MLS finance sections. Does this happen on a regular basis, or did it happen just once?