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Postby russellhltn » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:32 pm

mkmurray wrote:As for the temporary record issue, I'm still not sure if it came with the husband's record or if it was created upon clicking the "Add to Household" link.

My guess is the latter.

First, temporary records can't be moved - at least not with that record number. I can think of situations where you might be able to move out a temporary record, but you certainly should never be receiving one. (Can you imagine SLC saying "here's a new person in the ward - but we don't have them in our system"?)

Second, if somehow it was created when her record moved in, she would already be part of the household. Possibly she would have been a household of her own, but it doesn't seem likely. A "Family" move would have moved them in together. And in that case I think your "Add to Household" would have created a second record for her. To make her a part of the household, there has to be a record.

Oh, well, it's SLC's problem now. :)

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