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Re: Urgent Task -- Not


Post by lajackson »

russellhltn wrote:I know new versions of MLS will sometimes update the file format. That might be what triggered this. If so, then this is a one-time problem.
No. Since the latest upgrade to MLS, the Urgent Task to backup never goes away, ever. Sigh. (Stake MLS, if that makes a difference. I think it did last time.)
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Re: Urgent Task -- Not


Post by drepouille »

Well this is interesting. I am also using the Stake MLS. This urgent message to backup MLS has recently come back to haunt me. I think I may have figured it out.

If I exit MLS, and a pop-up message tells me to backup MLS because of recent financial transactions, the urgent task does not get cleared. MLS completes the backup and exits, but I can restart MLS and that urgent task still pops up.

However, if I backup MLS first, and then exit MLS, the urgent task is cleared. Well, at least until tomorrow, or whatever time period MLS considers to be "not recently" since the last backup was made.

I still prefer to click exit first, and allow MLS to create the backup on its way out. That way, I can lock the screen, turn off the monitor, and walk out the door. The Stake MLS takes several minutes to create a 110KB backup file on a Dell Optiplex 740.
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Re: Urgent Task -- Not


Post by scgallafent »

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, this fix will be deployed as part of MLS 3.8.0. That change has been patched into MLS 3.7.4, which will be released Real Soon Now.
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