Monthly Home Teaching at Stake Level

Discussions around using and interfacing with the Church MLS program.
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Postby rmrichesjr » Mon Mar 19, 2007 10:32 am

RussellHltn wrote:Probably you'd need more rights then the ward is currently giving you to do that function. But you might try some testing with the clerk and the stake to see if that will do the trick. If it does, then it up to them to come up with a procedure that works for everyone.

Thanks for the suggestion.

By email, MLS support said the ward and stake would need to decide whether to enable me to transmit HT to the stake. The stake clerk said the reporting due dates are "back loaded" so the normal transmission routinely done on Sunday will end up getting the information to him by the time he needs it. He says it is sufficient to enter the home teaching visits in ward MLS by the 10th of the month.

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Postby daryl1 » Wed May 16, 2007 7:14 am

In our Stake the Stake Presidnet is having the Executive Secretary collect the monthly HT & VT reports by hand from the Ward Executive Secretaries using data from the ward MLS and looking all over to get what they want then the data is written down by hand taken and entered into excell on a home computer. Excell even had to have some math formulas added to calculate percentages.

This has caused double work. This is how it was done before MLS. Also a High Councilman use to collect this. Now that MLS is available and a good tool MLS automatically collects, calculates, and sends the HT & VT stats to the Stake quarterly in the quarterly report. Is this correct or no? I do not see the reports that are generated by the Stake MLS software. Is this happening?

I have heard other Stakes wanting it monthly also. Not sure why or what the reasoning is. In my opinion quarterly should be sufficient. Just like MLS is set up currently.

Does anyone know if MLS is working correctly and sending to the Stake the VT & HT stats quarterly? Is MLS sending the VT & HT stats seperate from the Quarterly Report? If not this could be the problem and perhaps a seperate VT & HT Summary Report could be added to MLS. This could then be programmed to be sent monthly.

A monthly VT & HT Summary Report sent monthly from all of the units could be created and programmed? or is this happening already?

I know the quarterly report can manually be sent monthly to the Stake. It would be good to have MLS send everything automatically meaning only the VT & HT stats and then the other stats can be sent on the regular quarterly report as usual. I know the VT & HT stats can be printed showing percentages and previous months already. Perhaps this could be programmed to be sent to the stake monthly? Just a suggestion.
I am all for technology and increasing the quality of life. This is just some more thoughs and ideas regarding this thread on home teaching at the Stake level.

Thank you.

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