Problem with New Move-in Report in MLS?

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Problem with New Move-in Report in MLS?

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I am a counsellor in a mission presidency, and last Sunday, I met with the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders in a nearby stake, and reviewed with them several of the MLS reports that are useful in reactivation and missionary work. One of these reports is the "New Move In Report"... Some in that group had used it, but found that it doesn't always properly report new move ins. They claimed that they knew of people who had recently moved into their ward, showed up on their membership records, but were not on the new move in report. Is this a known issue? They said that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and they hadn't figured out the pattern yet.

Being an IT guy, I tend to suspect that it was user error, such as their membership hadn't been moved into the ward. I can get more details if that would be helpful (I didn't want to derail the main purpose of that meeting, and they all ran off to another meeting afterward.)

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We recently had our stake boundaries changed which added 212 new members to our ward. We relied heavily on the new member report to make sure all of the reported records made it to our ward. We didn't notice any discrepancies or have any problem with the report. I'm leaning toward possible user error for your issue.
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According to the rumor mill, the "Move in date" is actually the "move out date" from the prior ward. If the record ended up taking a sabbatical in the "address unknown" file, it will appear in the new ward with a wrong (old) "move in" date. Setting the cut-off date for older will retrieve those files.

You might see if that theory matches the data points.

Clearly, under this theory boundary realignments wouldn't uncover the problem. Unfortunately if true, this bug would tend to hit the less active members.
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Post by daddy-o-p40 »

Yes, this is a known issue. If you call MLS support they will confirm this. This is a data consistency issue on the back end that does not always populate the move in date correctly when records are fed to the local ward MLS database.
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Addressing issue with New Move-in Report

Post by ericb »

This issue is a real concern...any feedback from church admins?
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