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Discussions around using and interfacing with the Church MLS program.
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Nearly done

Postby fraserredmond » Mon Sep 17, 2007 3:07 am

I like Google Maps the best, and its the only one with something like KML (MSN/Live has Collections, but I didn't see anything about importing them.) Here in New Zealand, most of the aerial views are so fuzzy they're unusable - about 10km from my town it crisps up though! Kinda annoying that we just missed the edge.

I've finished converting David's Python Script to an html/javascript version and it works pretty good. I'll put it up here in a new thread some time soon.

Like David I'm only using the Address1, City, State, and Country fields - Does anyone have addresses that would require Address2 to be sent to Google for geocoding as well?

If you want to do some testing of this for me with your data send me a personal message (if I haven't already posted it on the forum.)

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