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MLS 2.6 and autodetect of connection type

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 8:41 am
by danpass
One of the changes listed in the release notes for MLS 2.6 is that it will automatically use a network connection if present.

We recently received permission to connect unit computers to the FHC LAN in one of our meetinghouses. After doing this yesterday, my first attempt to send/receive in MLS used the dial-up connection. I went into the MLS system options and saw that there were options for modem, network and automatic. Automatic was selected so I changed it to network and tried send/receive again. This time it did use the network connection.

I found later that the computer's internet options for communication under IE were set to use the dial-up connection. I changed the setting to never dial, so that the IE would use the network connection.

This IE setting may explain why MLS used dial-up instead of network when it was set to automatic. I did not go back and try setting it to automatic again. So there may or may not be a bug here.

If this is functioning as designed, then this posting at least provides some useful information that probably should have been included in the release notes.