Move the recording of Melchizedek Priesthood Advancements to the stake level

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Postby jbh001 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:16 am

wasatchpowder wrote:The procedure I choose to use that has worked well in my stake follows.
That's a lot of extra steps and training to go through, not to mention extra software and programming. Here is my method:
  • I have MLS populate the ordination/blessing/baptism form;
  • Hand it to the bishop to conduct the interview;
  • Immediately after the ordination has taken place (or immediately after sacrament meeting in the case of baby blessings) I record the ordinance and print out two copies of the certificate, one on parchment paper for signature, and the other on the backside of the ordinance form for the filing cabinet;
  • I hand the parchment certificate to the bishop (or the high councilor) for their autograph;
  • In the case of Melchizedek Priesthood ordinations, I place the printed certificate in a 9x12 envelope marked for the stake president's signature, and hand it to the high councilor.
That way everything happens within 5 minutes of the ordinance (or end of sacrament meeting, maybe 10 minutes with baby blessings), and certificates requiring stake signatures are also in the hands of a stake officer within minutes. I usually get certificates back from the stake right after the next High Council meeting. I also have a hardcopy just in case the stake needs reminding/prodding.

In the case of Aaronic Priesthood ordinations, I use OpenOffice on the Clerk's computer to print the following text in the white space below the form:

If he is here will John Doe please stand to be recognized.

It is proposed that Johnathan Quigley Doe receive the Aaronic Priesthood and be ordained to the office of Deacon. Those in favor may manifest it by the uplifted hand [Pause for vote.] Any opposed may so manifest it.
That way the bishopric can also use the form to do the sustaining in sacrament meeting.

One technicality is that in order to properly record the ordinance, you need the membership number of the person performing the ordinance if their records are not in your ward. This is easy though, because I simply approach the person and ask them for that information, reminding them that their membership number is on their temple recommend. It has been fun asking the stake president to show me his temple recommend when such occasions permit. :D

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