report of a successful streamed funeral to missionary son

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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report of a successful streamed funeral to missionary son

Postby rmrichesjr » Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:09 pm

Executive Summary:

    In case any of the ideas here might be useful for anyone else, this is a report of an apparently-successful live video streaming event of a funeral to the sister's young missionary son.

Background: The mother of a young missionary from our ward passed away unexpectedly. I had 8 days notice that the missionary's mission president might give permission for the missionary to watch a live video feed of the funeral. I had never done a video feed of any kind from or even within this non-stake-center meetinghouse. (I had done in-building overflow video feeds at a different building over a decade earlier.)


    an old camcorder with composite video output (implies SD, not HD) in the breezeway

    moderate-duty camera tripod with viscous-damped pan/tilt

    tripod on top of two classroom tables (with solid legs) duct-taped together

    ~2-foot piece of 1/2" poly pipe duct-taped to tripod handle to smooth panning

    video monitor on camera table

    gaffer tape and cord-guard where camera cable crossed hallway

    plugged camera feed into video DA input (where the satellite receiver's video output usually goes)

    audio tapped from perimeter speaker feed with attenuator (homemade version of a Bogen speaker-to-line/mike attenuator)

    AV switch with audio compression

    audio cassette deck (in place of a mixer) as level control

    Cerevo LiveShell PRO from Sunday Streams

    Ethernet switch

    Raspberry Pi to monitor downlink


Wherever possible, have backup hardware. An Ethernet switch quit working that morning but before funeral started, with just enough time to go home and get another switch.

Sunday Streams quality and customer service were superb! Everything they did for us was essentially perfectly done. I would gladly use them again if such a need arises.

Ideas for the future:

    need a better camera with remote PTZ

    use OBS rather than LiveShell

    possibly rent a week's time on a server, but would miss Sunday Streams' excellent customer service

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