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Re: Sony EVI-D70: Results of first Stake Conference Webcast

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:29 pm
by jimbo3san

I don't believe that the video is being mixed at the laptop then send out from there in the above posts (someone correct if I am wrong). I have worked with Luis Puster before as well. He mentioned that if you have a video input device for your LT/PC you can send a feed to the LT/PC so you can see the video on the LT/PC and it makes controlling it easier because you can look right at the screen and control the camera.

There is a titling feature on the D70/D80s that is made easy with a feature of the CWShop software by Luis Puster. Great software BTW! This just uses the built in titling of the D70/D80 cameras. For more formal/"pretty" titles you will need a video mixer with Chroma key or Luminescence key to overlay video input from a LT/PC onto the incoming video then send the post mixed signal to the Teredek/webcaster/house system.

I haven't done it any other way. There may be a way to do what you are thinking. We (our stake) have used Roland VR-3, VR-3ex, and VR-50HD mixers before. All of these have a "PC/RGB" (or HDMI) input from a PC then this is mixed into the incoming camera shots as needed. The titles are simply a .PPT presentation with the proper Chroma key as the main background and the titles at the bottom of the slide show.

Hope this helps.

-Jim B.

Re: Sony EVI-D70: Results of first Stake Conference Webcast

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:47 am
by roblad
We have our first Stake Conference Broadcast this weekend. I am using a Roland-3EX. This provides USB output that PVC accepts. I have one technical issue that I'd appreciate suggestions about fixing. To get the audio and video synced up for the RF distribution in our stake center, I have found that 170 ms delay for the audio makes it perfect. However, I have not been as successful with the PVC feed. It seems that PVC introduces its own time delay that makes the PVC feed out of sync. I can't fix this on the video mixer because the nominal time delay in the PVC processing is already too long. I need it to be about 70 ms shorter. Suggestions? (note: the mixer's 170 ms delay is not in the USB feed)

Re: Sony EVI-D70: Results of first Stake Conference Webcast

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:35 pm
by michaelfish
If you could try splitting the original audio (before it gets plugged into the Roland) and route it to the PVC, and use that source instead of USB audio (from the Roland). Audio and video processing times from different sources (USB vs. analog) could result in a more correct match.