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Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:58 am
by mprusse
I have two stake conference broadcasts coming up (one with an apostle) and I really don't want to be without at least audio if the internet goes down. But currently we don't have audio backup processes in place. Are there instructions (or can someone provide) on what and how to setup backup audio for broadcasting and receiving sites? Thank you!

Re: Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:30 am
by russellhltn
The Help Center has Audio Backup Solutions

Re: Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:48 pm
by roblad
Having an audio backup is very important. We have needed it twice for short periods of time.
The church has a device that does a very nice job of this at the sending end. Your FM group can order one. Some of the crab devices will do this as well. Other devices that will work can be ordered via the internet.
You need to connect this to a phone set, the phone line, and the sound system. The only sound system connection that is standard is the record jack that is in the chapel. This is usually not a convenient location to do this setup.
Another option that requires a small amount of work is to use a hard of hearing receiver. To do this successfully you need to make up a cable that will put a 1k resister across the output of the hard of hearing receiver to keep it from doing an auto shutoff. Make sure the receiver has a fresh 9 volt battery.

In our stake we use a Roland video mixer that has a headphone output. This is what we use for the emergency audio backup. It works great and you can set the level to be just right.
There is an audio feed that goes into the Satellite system if you can get a connection to it. Finally, it is possible to get audio feed from any of the rooms that have sound in them but this requires removing a wall control and using a 70 volt line transformer. I would avoid doing this because mistakes could be made that would cause problems with sound in other rooms.

We have used the “” service to setup the audio backup. This has worked very well. You can setup the call so that all of the remote locations are MUTED. This way the persons at both ends can work independently of each other. We initiate the call before the meeting starts and leave it in place during the entire meeting so nothing has to be done to get it to work if it is needed. The person at the receiving end just turns up a volume control and the backup audio comes it. Don’t get confused by the 90 second time delay between the broadcast audio and the emergency backup audio. After you make the phone connection remember to either MUTE or unplug the hand set so any room noises don’t bleed into the broadcast feed.

The last part of this is to do the setup in the receiving buildings. We used a home style cordless phone in a clerk’s office that is close to the chapel and then used a special adapter cord that can be ordered online to get between the cordless receiver located in the chapel and a crab device that is plugged into the sound system. We leave the call running through the entire meeting even if it is not needed. If you do this make sure the cordless phone has a fresh battery that is fully charged so it can handle a three hour phone call. You can also do the same thing by using a cell phone if you have the correct cable to make the connection.

Re: Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:06 pm
by russellhltn
One comment on using the crab box on the sending location. I think it really needs a signal source that has some power behind it and can drive a low impedance device. A headphone or small speaker output. I think it's pushing it to just use line level. Especially the consumer line level stuff designed for 10K impedance.

The pro stuff designed for 600 ohms might be OK, but you need a good strong level. That's why a headphone or speaker amp would be a good choice because it should give the ability to adjust the level without upsetting your other levels.

Re: Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:23 pm
by pete.arnett
ask your local Facilities Management Group (FMG), if a unit in your area has the following device
...Product Number: EJ-10
...Product Type: Multi-Input Audio Adapters
...Product Description: Multi-Input Adapter with Telephone Capability (Improved Output) ... ers/ej-10/

Also, your FMG may be able to create a conference session for your stake conference audio backup using headquarters services

Please do not publish meeting telephone numbers, passwords, or access codes on web sites available to the public

Re: Help me setup backup telephone audio

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:01 pm
by roblad
We have found that a good way to have a backup in case the building's internet service is disrupted is to use an LTE Cell phone that has a personal hot spot, or tethering feature. The teradeck streaming device can be configured to switch over to this and it provides a completely independent channel to the internet. This also can provide a significantly faster network connection. We have also run PVC in parallel as a full backup.