how old is our satellite system???

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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Postby jltware » Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:32 am

You're one step up on us. Our stake was created about two years ago, and we were told we couldn't get satellite facilities because it was going to be installed in our new stake centre as soon as it was completed. Then policies changed, and we were told we didn't qualify for a stake centre anymore and that there was no plan to give us any more buildings until we had enough units in existence to fill them. How exactly we were to create these units with nowhere to put them and at least a five year (probably more like ten if history holds true) turnaround on buildings, nobody seems to be able to explain. Physical facilities still tell us there is no plan to give us satellite facilities because it will go into our stake centre when (if) it is created. No dates or even forseeable plans on that yet. But every time there is a broadcast, we get told to go to the stake centre and watch it over our satellite feed, as all the units in Australia have satellite now. It takes some time to persuade somebody to post out a dvd with the broadcasts each time, and in some cases they still won't send one as it is a live broadcast that they have been instructed not to record. We end up having to split up and send everyone to the nearest stake centre with satellite facilities, which means our attendance count for each meeting is zero and kinda defeats the purpose of having a stake training meeting / conference. Splitting the stake into three chunks is counter productive in unifying a stake and getting everyone on the same page. It seems we are in a no man's limbo that nobody wants to deal with, and they have dropped the whole stake into the too hard basket. If you have a satellite facility in your stake and people on the end of the phone line are willing to talk to you about it, be grateful!

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