Stake Conference Broadcast

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Stake Conference Broadcast

Postby bphilli7 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:41 pm


I just finished my first virtual stake conference broadcast and thought I'd share the experience. I got a lot of cool ideas from this forum.

Because our state is in a strict lockdown right now, we only had about 20 people in attendance at the stake center (the speakers and limited guests). All the viewers were remote.

The stake president had a few requests/requirements. He wanted the music to be pre-recorded videos of the Tabernacle Choir. He wanted to be able to display a powerpoint presentation during the adult session and speak to the slides (have his voice come through while displaying slides). He wanted to be able to play videos at different times during the talks.

I used the church webcast portal. We broadcast two sessions: a Saturday evening Adult session and a Sunday morning general session.

I didn't want to have stream problems crop up, so I thought about making a primary and backup stream with different internet connections. That way, if a problem arose with the building internet, the audience would be able to reconfigure quickly. I actually scheduled three streams in the portal. A primary stream, an alternate/backup stream, and a captioned stream.

The primary and alternate streams were processed by JTECH RTMP encoders running bretep's custom firmware.

The primary stream uploaded through the church building internet (a DSL line with 5 Mbps upload speed). I uploaded the alternate stream through my mobile phone hotspot and Verizon data plan. I used this adapter to make that wireless connection.

The captioned stream was actually run by the clerk computer running OBS in the building. I configured OBS to capture the TS feed from the JTECH on the building intranet, display it on the top 2/3's of the screen, and then overlayed a chrome browser at on the bottom 1/3 of the screen. It took a little working with the computer and OBS, but I was able to get to "listen" to the TS feed and provide the captions that way. Then OBS sent the stream to the webcast portal. In essence, the clerk computer required no capture device or inputs other than keyboard/mouse/network cable.

If you're keeping track, this means that the chapel building internet was supporting two upload streams (the primary and the captions) and my mobile phone was supporting one (the alternate). I had tested this and found it was okay, but for good measure I limited OBS to a 900kbps stream rate. And I let the JTECH on the building internet stream at the full 2Mbps rate.

I had a variety of mixes to create and broadcast (pulpit microphone with powerpoint slide, pulpit microphone with chapel camera, pre-recorded video/audio, etc). I used a laptop computer and downloaded the video files that would be used for music and speakers. Because I would have to support a variety of combinations of audio and video sources provided to the feed (as well as the chapel where the local participants were) I ended up using separate audio and video mixers. Our stake owns:
Audio mixer:
Video mixer:

The Mackie had a channel of audio from the laptop and a channel of audio from the chapel microphone. The output from this mixer went to the Roland, where it would combine with the selected video to go over the stream feed (the JTECH boxes).
The Roland had HDMI inputs from the laptop and a camcorder in the chapel. The camcorder uses 3G-SDI to feed HDMI from the chapel back to the satellite cabinet in the library.

When the laptop plays audio, it pipes to the chapel speakers for the local audience to hear, which is picked up by the pulpit microphone. I used the Mackie to alternate which audio source was muted on the stream feed otherwise I would have had a feedback loop.

It worked great. I got a lot of great feedback from the viewers that they appreciated the videos were "directly" broadcast onto the stream feed, rather than something less elegant like a camcorder pointing at a projector screen.

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Re: Stake Conference Broadcast

Postby stephendoud » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:07 am

Excellent write up, bphilli7! Thank you for taking the time, and providing web references for the equipment etc. I'm a new STS and need to ramp up quickly for an unscheduled stake conference.
Best regards,
Stephen Doud

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