Encoding rate on Vidiu doesn't match what Meetinghouse Webcast shows

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Encoding rate on Vidiu doesn't match what Meetinghouse Webcast shows

Postby jscrockett » Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:32 pm

We successfully broadcast stake conference recently, so this is simply a follow-up for improvement.

During the Saturday evening broadcast members said they were getting not-great video quality, and we checked and found that the Vidiu was somehow set to low bandwidth (250 kbps or something like that). So we changed it to Medium (700 kbps) for the Sunday morning broadcast, expecting to see the usual nice video. However, the output video was still not-great. On further inspection we found that the Vidiu was reporting 700kbps encoding but the Meetinghouse Webcast tool was reporting less than 300 kbps broadcast bandwidth. (See attached photos.) Did we miss a setting change? Any ideas what went wrong?

[In the photos you can see that the Vidiu webpage is reporting "Quality: Medium (700Kbps)" while the Webcast page is reporting Current/Target encode rate of "280/210 kbps" and the Vidiu box front screen itself is showing Medium (796Kbps).]

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