Zoom (Linux): Original Sound

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Zoom (Linux): Original Sound

Postby cboling » Mon Feb 15, 2021 2:35 pm

Has anyone heard any official answer to why the Zoom client for Linux still doesn't support the "Original Sound" option that the Windows client has offered for a while? I no longer have admin access to a paid account, so I can't nag support directly. :-)

I plan to comply w/ the request to move sacrament meetings from the meetinghouse broadcast system to Zoom webinars this week, and it's frustrating that Zoom still severely messes with the sound.
It now supports an option to reduce the aggressiveness of the background noise reduction on the mic input, but even on low it still muddies it and sounds terrible for music. The only way to get decent audio is to use "sharing" instead, in which case Zoom grabs ALL audio output, not just streams going to the default sink, so you have to fix custom connections each time and be careful not to allow unwanted sounds to sneak into the broadcast.

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