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Postby davesudweeks » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:04 am

bcpalmer60 wrote:I think that if you polled 100 average members of the Church, 95 would find the way it works today confusing:

I don't entirely disagree with your point, but this change would break some of my custom lists. For example, I provide a list of Cub Scouts to the leader including the ones who will be entering Cub Scouts this year. Their birthday is listed so if your recommended change were implemented, it would be difficult for the leader to tell which boys were currently in and which were coming in.

I'm just saying that there are sometimes unintended consequences for a specific change and fixing it for one group of people may break it for others. Prehaps that is one of the reasons that modifications to MLS appear to be very slow - CHQ has to consider the worldwide and cultural effects as well.

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