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Accessibility problems with Sign-on and CAPTCHA

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:48 am
by briancragun
Hi, I recognize that great efforts have been made to make the church sites accessible, and I appreciate all previous efforts.

However, speaking up for members who are blind or otherwise disabled, the current sign-in process for the church websites is still not fully usable by screen reader nor keyboard-only users. In particular the password recovery dialog is totally unusable by members who are blind.

Here are the problems I found on the Sign-in dialog and associated dialogs.

The Sign-in dialog itself is mostly accessible, which is good. However the language selection button is not reachable with the keyboard nor is it spoken with a screen reader. &gt.div id="languageMenu"> It can only be accessed with the mouse.

On the password recovery screen, the CAPTCHA process is not accessible. Obviously, someone who is blind cannot see or interpret the CAPTCHA image. There is a button (actually an image with a link) to provide handicapped access, however, this button is not labeled, so someone who is blind would never know that it is the button they must press to get an alternative captcha. Further, when you activate the image link, it doesn't provide any audio for images. In other words, the password recovery screen is totally and absolutely unusable to someone who is blind.

The link for help on this page takes the user to a help page that provides no help for someone who is disabled.

Both the privacy policy and the rights and use information display as an overlay. But these cannot be closed with the keyboard. There is a close element, and it is voiced by a screen reader. However it is not a button nor is it in the navigation ring. Its location is above the header for the privacy policy (or right to use information display) there is nothing that audibly ties it to the pop-up display. Thus, an individual using a screen reader cannot close either of these policies. &gt.span id="closeLegalViewer" class="" title="Close">&gt./span> Developers need to either make this a real button or to use WAI-ARIA role= button.

On the privacy policy, there is information which is underlined, as if it is a heading. However this is not structurally a heading. It is harder for someone who has a disability to identify.

Please add these defects to your fix list with the CAPTCHA issue as urgent priority and the button issues as high priorities.

Re: Accessibility problems with Sign-on and CAPT

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:25 pm
by jdlessley
For feedback such as this we recommend using the feedback link found on the home page and many other pages. The forum is primarily user-to-user support. Sometimes a church ICS employee may see threads like this and respond. But the approved method for feedback is through the feedback link.