Member Focus List... Useful?

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Member Focus List... Useful?

Post by TinMan »

I am curious how other bishops/Executive Secretaries are using the "Member Focus List" application. As I look at it, I can list members, I can send an email request to the Executive Secretary to schedule an appointment with the member, or I can send an email to the member trying to schedule an interview myself. (If they have an email address in their profile.)

It seems to me that if we could have just a little more information allowed, it would be more useful.

It is very tightly controlled with only the bishop and Exec Sec having access. I understand security of personal information issues. So perhaps notes like "working with pornography issues" are not a good thing. But is my locked desk drawer where the exec sec and my councilors have access more secure?

But even a little more information like "interview once a month" or "next interview invite spouse." Things like that.

As it is now, my exec secretary keeps such things we talk about in a spiral notebook we go through together every couple of weeks and update.

I don't know. I am just looking to see if anyone is having similar issues with this application. Frankly, we don't use it at all because we just end up keeping a separate file someplace.
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Re: Member Focus List... Useful?

Post by dannykos »

I was recently released - but I never used it either. Seemed like it might be useful - but then ended up not being. Wish someone would ask before they spend loads of time developing stuff.
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