Ideas on being found online ranking high like an airplane

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Ideas on being found online ranking high like an airplane

Postby aaronandrewjohnson » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:21 am

I was moved by Elder Uchtdorf's beautiful message and considered how he searched a phrase online. I think he touched on an insightful opportunity we have as members to contribute to being found at the top of Google when the sincere in heart search online with questions we could be answering if we were found at the top of Google...

Our younger generation members have talents and developed know-how to perfectly fit each website page to the Google algorithm that could give our message opportunity to have the first voice online. Elder Uchtorf's online search inquiry as each of us in this community are well aware is not the first or last to search online with a sincere gospel related question which resulted in a delineated list of websites each offering possible answers.

This reminds me of Bible passages about how the word searches in the dark because they "know not where to find it". There so such a high volume of distasteful content in the media and online and I believe we can do more to win the battle for light and virtuous content online. I also see our website as an opportunity to remove some of those stumbling blocks and the way for us to do this is to utilize our amazing members' who specialize in getting each page of a website at the top of Google search for a purposeful search phrase.

If our webpage was listed as the top result for what Elder Uchtorf searched and the 100,00's of sincere monthly search results I believe our growing missionary population would have a greater portion of their time in the "field that is white already to harvest".

So, my sincere question to our member community is this:
- Would researching how to algorithmically optimize a page on our highly authoritative websites be of use to the work?
- What can we do as members to better contribute to our online search presence?
Aaron Tjomsland

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