Conference talks unavailable

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Conference talks unavailable

Postby zaneclark » Fri May 17, 2019 8:43 am

A member contacted me about his inability to see conference talks beyond the last conference. I suggested he clear the browser and/or change browsers. He tried both Safari and Chrome, clearing the browsers on both, but still unable to see talks. I suggested he use Gospel Library which he said he had forgotten about, but this doesn't solve the initial problem.. Any ideas on why this is happening?

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Re: Conference talks unavailable

Postby jdlessley » Fri May 17, 2019 10:54 am

Ask the member how he was trying to get to the conference addresses.

I just did a quick check and was able to find those conferences before the April 2019 conference. The steps I used (without signing in were:
  • On the (soon to be home page click the menu item Scriptures and Study
  • In the second column titled "Prophet Teachings" select General Conference.
    This will take you to the April 2019 General Conference page.
  • There will be another menu bar at the top with items titled "Conferences", "Speakers", and "Topics". Select "Conferences" and the dropdown list will display the last four conferences and a fifth link to more conferences. There were 98 listed there as of today's date.

There may be other ways to get to the general conference pages.

Note that during the transition from the domain to the domain there may be temporary periods when pages and menus may not be displayed as expected. When this has happened to me I just wait some time and try again. I also do not use bookmarks at this point until the domain transition is complete for all church websites.
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Re: Conference talks unavailable

Postby g.egroeg » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:07 pm

To make sure we are talking about the same thing... using a desktop computer, going to the address- ... 4?lang=eng . Click on the 3 dots next to "Saturday Morning Session" (all the sessions). The menu expands and we see "Listen" and "Watch" ... under that is "Download Audio" ... and under that is "Download Video".

In the "Download Audio" portion, since April 2005, the other Conferences have the option to download "Session" and "Talks and Music". Currently, April 2019 (the most recent) only has the "Session" button.

I don't know if the people involved think it's too much effort... too small to worry about... or it just got forgotten.

Please bring it back! Having individual talks (and music) was a great feature.

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