LCR Acces for Ward Council Members

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LCR Acces for Ward Council Members

Postby wadelowder » Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:30 pm

Dear Church Tech team FOR LCR and LDS Tools App,
I am concerned over some of the access different Ward Council members have on LCR, specifically ministering routes. I feel the more leaders have aces to ministering assigners the better.

May I suggest the following:

1. Reserve the editing and interview recording to only R.S. or EQ presidency members as it is now.
2. Allow all other Ward presidencies and Ward Mission leader access to printing ministering routes, seeing who is unassigned/assigned for ministering routes, or all the same minister access as EQ and RS presidency minus the editing of routes and recording the quarterly interviews

If eel the second would allow greater access to help further and promote ministering activity among members as EQ and RS presidency is not always readily available. Easier to promote it among the YM/YW and ward in general if more leaders have access and can encourage others to go. It would also be easier to see who ministered to who and make suggestions to EQ and RS presidencies that may respond better to others, especially if one is inactive or less active or even new in the ward.

3. I might also suggest the each individual be given access to printing there own Ministering routes and Have access to B-Days on LDS tools for ministering Brothers and sisters on ones routes. B-Day are available on printed slip but on on LDS tools. Bday rememberenc can be an integral part of ministering.

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Re: LCR Acces for Ward Council Members

Postby jdlessley » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:00 pm

wadelowder wrote:Dear Church Tech team FOR LCR and LDS Tools App ...

The forum is not an official channel for tech development support. The forum is primarily a user-to-user help and support. We can discuss your suggestions but have no ability to do anything about your suggestions. The official method to get suggestions to those who can do something is through the feedback link found at the bottom of the LCR web page for LCR issues and through the in-app feedback for Member Tools.

You are suggesting changes to the rules of business established above the ICS department development teams by different Church departments and executive councils. The development teams cannot make changes without direction from those departments and councils. Besides the feedback methods mentioned above, there is another route to take your suggestions. That route is up the priesthood chain. You can take your suggestions to your bishop who then takes it to your stake president and so on up the chain.
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