Next LDSTech Broadcast: Satellite Broadcast and Meetinghouse

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Next LDSTech Broadcast: Satellite Broadcast and Meetinghouse

Postby johnshaw » Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:16 pm

I wanted to get out there that this presentation was very informative and exactly the kind of thing STS need from these monthly broadcasts. Thanks to those involved!

I would like to provide a little tweak of feedback I feel may help bring some focus and practical application to the presentations.

1. Design your presentation / content for the outlier Stakes and not for stakes that are the typical wasatch front Stake. Doing so, will make sure that the material you present is relevant for the wide range of experiences that STS have - and the content will never be irrelevant for the 'typical' stake I mentioned above.

An example from today. The satellite guy suggested that an STS track and manage the state of the satellite on a regular basis during the 'off' times of usage. Well and good, My stake has 8 meetinghouses with a satellite. It is not very easy to coordinate that across the large geographically dispersed stake I have. It would be very easy if i lived in Fruit Heights, Utah where I grew up, but not in Kansas City, Missouri where I live now.

2. During these presentations, these experts are likely gathering data, talking to STS and figuring out what data best to include. What about all the data that isn't included? Could some kind of FAQ or lessons learned during this presentation be posted to the forum as part of the experience.

Glen mentioned today he cut and cut and cut from his presentation. I happened to be involved with the building of a new prototype meetinghouse and had occasion to walk through our new stake center with him on a couple different occasions. I learned so much just by asking questions - he'd likely been asked the same questions a bunch of times - but it was extremely valuable to me.

3. Can we post the presentations?
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