Opportunity to Help with LDS Tech Graphics

When the Church has need of help from the technology community, we will post that need in this forum.
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Opportunity to Help with LDS Tech Graphics

Post by McDanielCA »

I am asking for some help from the community to create more up to date and exciting graphics to go along with the content of this site.
I will be posting specific requirements for the graphics here as they are needed. However, to begin with, I am looking for generic technology related graphics. You could focus on the topics of networking, open source, software, and hardware.
In order to contribute creative content to the Church that can be used, you must first fill out The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Individual Contribute License Agreement. You must also have the ability to fully license your products to the Church. If you don’t completely own or have the ability to license the resources used, it cannot be published.
Private message me for further information.
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Bryce Haymond-p40
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Post by Bryce Haymond-p40 »

I'd like to help. I've filled out a contributor form.
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Post by MorettiDP »

If the matter is graphics, I can help!!! I have signed the contributor form in the past.
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Post by WelchTC »

Excellent! We will send out specific graphic requests soon!

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Post by broro5 »

I could probably help out with this as well, if you are still needing extra hands.
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Post by Kako-p40 »

I read this post late, but, i'm a multimedia designer... i can help...

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