Hymns via Google Home Mini

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Hymns via Google Home Mini

Postby margaretannleigh » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:03 pm

One of the effects of Parkinson’s disease, which I am fighting, is the possible loss of vocal muscle strength: one’s voice gets very weak. Exercise is the only real deterrent. Since I live alone, entire days can go by without my speaking aloud. Now that church meetings are suspended, I don’t even get the chance to sing and greet others in that venue. Other social distancing due to coronavirus makes my isolation even more complete.
I love to sing while I work around the house, but I need encouragement to do so. I could stop what I’m doing and bring up singalong hymns on my iPad – but it’s awkward to have to stop and set up the iPad. What would really help is if I could ask my Google home mini to play LDS Hymns. Then I could sing along much more often, anytime I thought about it.
Ideally the hymns would include the words being sung and all of the regular verses. It would be best if they were up to tempo: the sing-along app on my iPad is really slow, which doesn’t help my throat muscles as much.
I know the hymns are available, but don’t know how to get my Google home mini to find and play them. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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