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Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:51 pm
by silid
Joomla is good. I have set up many sites using it. However Drupal is now my CMS of choice. You may know it is also now used for the website of

I noticed that Joomla is used for this site, and it is very easy to set up a site quickly, but in the long run I think that Drupal offers much more flexibility. It has a powerful API for adding features, and it's taxonomy feature is much more useful than the category and section formats for articles. It is easy to integrate external authentication methods (LDS Account anyone?).

When we set up the first country site in the UK, we used Joomla. I am no longer involved in that project and they have since re-written using an entirely bespoke system. However if I were to start it again I would definitely use Drupal.