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Postby bcpalmer60 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:02 am

Our regional Employment Center Manager sent me an email, asking if I could get him in contact with the folks in our HR department so they could pass along job postings for I replied that I work with them closely due to my assignments as the IT guy assigned to support our HR systems, and knew that we use PeopleClick/Authoria to manage our job postings. Authoria has a function called Cross-Posting whereby once a job posting is defined in Authoria, it can also be automatically posted on job boards such as or

I asked if has that ability - for medium and large sized companies to set up cross-posting, but I never heard back. My guess is that the answer is no. If so, are there any plans in the works to add that?
Brian C. Palmer
Arvada, Colorado, USA

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